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3-6 Student Interactives

Science for Grades 3-6

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3rd Grade
4th Grade 
5th Grade
6th Grade
  • Get Flash Lunar Cycle ChallengeLunar Cycle Challenge
    Drag moons to the their place in the lunar cycle.
  • Get FlashAstroventureAstroventure
    Go with Astro and learn about the tools that astronomers use to detect planets.
  • Creepy CrittersCreepy Critters
    Can you identify the creepy critters that may be living on or in your body?
  • Get FlashDisease DetectiveDisease Detective
    Trace the outbreak of a mysterious illness, 'dizzy fever,' to its source.
  • Get FlashMicroorganismsMicroorganisms
    Locate the microorganisms and then take the quiz.
  • Get Flash Gravity LaunchGravity Launch
    Launch a rocket into space to see how the force of gravity can pull an object toward the earth and moon.
  • Get Flash Go to the Head of the Solar SystemGo to the Head of the Solar System
    Answer questions about celestial objects as they travel through the solar system.
  • Get FlashPlanetary Rescue SquadPlanetary Rescue Squad
    Your goal is provide parts to space colonists.
  • Get FlashWeebit WorldWeebit World
    Experiment with an ecosystem to find a balance between weebits, their food, and the right climate.
Required Plug-ins
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