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3-6 Student Interactives

Social Studies for Grades 3-6

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Geography Skills
  • Get FlashEye of RomEye of Rom
    Where You Can Win Cardinal Points.
  • Get ShockwaveFind Your LongitudeNASA Latitude/Longitude Finder
    Find the latitude and longitude of any address.
  • Symbols and KeysSymbols and Keys
    Discover the meaning behind map symbols and keys.
  • Grid ReferencesGrid References
    Learn to read a map grid.
  • ScaleScale
    Maps can't show things the size they are in real life so they use scale.
  • Get FlashPaint the MapPaint the Map
    Paint the map of the USA to show how each state compares to the national mean or median.
  • Get FlashReading a MapReading a Map
    Have you heard of a contour map? Check out this interactive and find out how to use one.
  • Get FlashMap MatchMap Match
    Are we there yet? Use a map to find out.
Geography Games
Current Events
Ancient Civilizations
  • Get FlashEekoCreatureEekoCreature
    Create and care for your own EekoCreature.
  • Get FlashMichael, Michael Go Recycle! Michael, Michael Go Recycle!
    Help Michael recycle! Pick up all the litter in the park before time runs out!
  • Get FlashEeko HouseEeko House
    Identify things to do around the house that help the environment.
  • Get FlashEvery Day is Earth Day!Every Day is Earth Day!
    Can you help clean up our planet?
  • Get FlashPlanet ProtectorsPlanet Protectors
    Only You can stop carbon dioxide from taking over the world!
  • Get FlashSwitch 'em OffSwitch 'em Off
    Dirty power stations are polluting our atmosphere. Switch them off as fast as possible to save our planet!
  • Get FlashI Don't Want to Clean my Room!I Don't Want to Clean my Room!
    Help Anita clean her room and learn about how to reuse and recycle objects around the house.
  • Get FlashROVROV
    You have been assigned to investigate marine life in a tropical reef.
U.S. History
U.S. Government
Required Plug-ins
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