3-6 Student Interactives

Technology for Grades 3-6

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  • Get FlashFearless FriedaAlpha Munchies
    Players must type the letter before it gets to the munchies in order to protect their lunch from being eaten.
  • Get FlashFearless FriedaBig Brown Bear Keyboarding Program
    In this keyboarding game a letter is shown in red and the student tries to see how many they can key correctly in the time given.
  • Get FlashFearless FriedaBubbles Keyboarding Game
    As bubbles float by in the ocean the player must type the letter in the bubble in order to score.
  • Get FlashFearless FriedaFrogs are Off Their Diet
    The frogs need help. They are eating letters and that's not good for them. The player must type the letters before they drop so the frogs can't eat them.
  • Get FlashFearless FriedaKeyboard Climber
    Help the monkey climb up and get the bananas by typing the letter on the banana bunch.
  • Get FlashFearless FriedaMartian City Defender
    Save the Martian colony from laser beams. Type the word or letters below the beam before it bombs the colony.
  • Get FlashFearless FriedaTyping of the Ghosts
    Ghosts are haunting the place. Destroy the ghost by typing the letters on it before it can attack.
Keyboarding Continued
  • Get FlashFearless FriedaType Rocket
    A fun keyboarding game for all ages. Players have 60 seconds to type the letters on the rockets. The score is calculated by hits minus misses.
  • Get FlashFearless FriedaTyping Adventure
    Help the explorer get to the treasure. He can only move toward it when you type the correct letter on the next step.
  • Barracuda TypingBarracuda Typing
    Help barracuda keep its river clean by typing the words floating by.
  • typeTyping Practice
    Improve your typing speed and accuracy.
  • Keyboarding PracticeKeyboarding Practice
    Select from numerous drill activities.
  • Get Flashkeybr.comkeybr.com
    Typing at the speed of thought.
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