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7-12 Student Interactives

Brain Games for Grades 7-12

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Puzzling Puzzles
  • Get FlashMagic SquareMagic Square
    Goal: have the total of each row and column to be equal to 30.
  • Get FlashTower of HanoiTower of Hanoi
    Transfer blocks of different sizes from one tower to another.
  • CryptogramsCryptograms
    To solve the cryptogram you'll have to guess what each letter stands for.
Brain Benders
  • Funny FarmFunny Farm
    A word association puzzle that is guaranteed to make your brain ache. (Preview recommended.)
  • Get FlashDeductionDeduction
    Guess the combination of rocks by using your deductive reasoning.
  • Get Flash Max's Match MayhemMax's Match Mayhem
    Match the similar erasers, but beware you can't just click anywhere.
  • Get JavaSpot the DifferenceSpot the Difference
    Test your powers of observation.
Strategy Games
  • Get FlashMancalaMancala
    The ancient game of counting and strategy.
  • Get JavaBattleshipBattleship
    Beat the computer and save the day!
  • Get FlashPegsPegs
    Click and drag the pegs to jump each other. Leave only one peg.
    Your goal is to bounce, flip and roll Fidgets safely to their box.
  • Get JavaNim GamesNim Games
    To win this game you must strategically remove the counters so that you are able to take the very last one.
Memory Games
Required Plug-ins
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