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7-12 Student Interactives

Science for Grades 7-12

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Science Activities
More Science
  • Get FlashChemical Element GamespH Scale: Basics
    Test the pH of everyday liquids such as coffee, spit, and soap to determine whether each is acidic, basic, or neutral.
  • Get FlashChemical Element GamesChemical Element Games
    Learn about the periodic table, chemistry, the elements and more with these free online quizzes and games.
  • Proton DonProton Don
    Quiz yourself with this FunBrain periodic table game.
  • DNA Microarray Virtual LabChemistry Quiz
    A Chem4Kids general chemistry quiz.
  • Get FlashMixed ReceptionMixed Reception
    Use your chemistry knowledge to solve the murder mystery.
  • Free Rice - Chemical SymbolsFree Rice - Chemical Symbols
    Identify the chemical symbols correctly and earn rice for the United Nations World Food Program.
  • Get Flash ChemGameChemGame
    Refine your chemistry knowledge through Play!
  • It's Elemental - Balancing Act!It's Elemental - Balancing Act!
    Practice balancing chemical equations by picking the correct coefficients.
  • Get Flash Online Construction KitsOnline Construction Kits
    Construction Kits let you assemble problem solutions, chemical formulas, chemical equations, and other chemical objects piece by piece or step by step.
Virtual Labs
  • Get FlashPCR Virtual LabPCR Virtual Lab
    PCR is a relatively simple tool that you can use to focus in on a segment of DNA and copy it billions of times over. Step up and see how it works!
  • Get FlashDNA ExtractionDNA Extraction
    Enter this virtual lab to perform a cheek swab and extract DNA from human cells.
  • Get FlashDNA Microarray Virtual LabDNA Microarray Virtual Lab
    Investigate the differences between a healthy cell and a cancer cell.
  • Get FlashDNA ExtractionGel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab
    Have you ever wondered how scientists work with tiny molecules that they can't see? Here's your chance tosort and measure DNA strands by running your own gel electrophoresis experiment.
  • Get ShockwaveThe Transgenic Fly Virtual LabThe Transgenic Fly Virtual Lab
    Get ready to learn the techniques used to make transgenic flies.
  • Get ShockwaveThe Bacterial Identification LabThe Bacterial Identification Lab
    This lab will help familiarize you with the science and techniques used to identify different types of bacteria based on their DNA sequences.
  • Get ShockwaveThe Cardiology LabThe Cardiology Lab
    You must help the doctor examine and diagnose three different patients who have symptoms of heart disease.
  • Get ShockwaveThe Neurophysiology LabThe Neurophysiology Lab
    Use virtual electronic equipment to investigate the electrical activity of individual nerve cells.
  • Get ShockwaveThe Immunology LabThe Immunology Lab
    This virtual laboratory will demonstrate how such a test, termed an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), is carried out.
  • Get JavaEureka QuizUVA Virtual Labs
    The University of Virginia created these 3D animations to explain technologies affecting our daily lives.
  • Get FlashBuilding BigBuilding Big
    Explore what it takes to "Build Big" in the forces, materials, loads and shapes labs.
Required Plug-ins
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