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Measuring Up!

Curriculum Tie:

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 60 minutes.

Group Size:


Students will learn how to measure the body correctly for proper fit. Students will observe how to properly measure a body for correct pattern fit, and then they will perform measurements on themselves and a partner. Students will also alter pattern pieces by adding and shortening lengths.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Apparel Design and Production I
Strand 4 Standard 2

Prepare pattern for layout and cutting.

Career Connections:

  • tailor
  • seamstress
  • clothing retailer


  • The same size garment from ready-to-wear, designer wear, and home-sewn to show comparison.
  • Do You Really Know Your Pattern Size?worksheet
  • Tape Measure for each student
  • Pattern Pieces to resize for each student

    Intended Learning Outcomes:
    Students will learn how to take body measurements, select the appropriate pattern and size, and make pattern alterations.



    Web Sites

    Simplicity, McCalls, Butterick, and Vogue Patterns

    Amber Williams

    Created Date :
    Jun 10 2005 12:00 PM

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