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Proportion Flattering the Figure- Principle of Design

Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning

Curriculum Tie:

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 45 minutes.

Group Size:
Large Groups


Teach students how to create a flattering figure and demonstrate their knowledge through a portfolio page.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Fashion Design Studio
Strand 2 Performance Objective #4

Create a fashion project or professional presentation incorporating the principles and elements of design; explain in writing, (design, portfolio, power point, display, etc.) (*STEM: Math, Science, Technology)

Career Connections:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Illustrator

Described in Attached Lesson Plan.

Background For Teachers:
Elements of Design, how proportion works in design.

Student Prior Knowledge:
Elements of Design, how they are used with the Principles of Design.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Objectives described in Lesson Plan attached.

Instructional Procedures:
See Lesson Plan attached.



Web Sites

Assessment Plan:
See Lesson Plan, Rubric is attached.

Art in Everyday Dress by Judith Rasband.

Rebecca Parkinson

Created Date :
Sep 15 2005 22:42 PM