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Soups, Salads, Casseroles and Meats Lecture

Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning

Curriculum Tie:

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 70 minutes.

Group Size:


Students will be introduced to soups, salads, casseroles and meats.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Food And Nutrition II
Strand 5 Standard 1

Identify and discuss different types of meat and poultry.


  • Bell Ringer Card for each student
  • Soups, Salads, Casseroles and Meats PowerPoint Presentation
  • Soups, Salads, Casseroles and Meats Study Guide

Intended Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to identify the following:

  1. Meats and poultry products
  2. Lean vs. fatty cuts of meats and poultry
  3. Inspection and grading of meat and poultry
  4. How bone affects serving size
  5. Proper cooking temperatures to meats
  6. Appropriate cooking methods dry vs. moist
  7. Nutrients found in meats

Instructional Procedures:
Teacher and student step-by-step instructions are found below in the "Soups, Salads, Casseroles and Meats Lecture Lesson Plan" attachment.


Assessment Plan:
Have the students actively take notes on their study guides throughout the lecture. The students will keep their completed study guides to review and prepare for the unit test. Answer any questions they may have to help them better understand the information presented. here will be no homework for this lesson.

Foods and Nutrition II Curriculum Guide from the Utah State Office of Education

Vikki Masters

Created Date :
Jul 20 2012 14:38 PM

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