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Color selection for a quilt

Time Frame:
2 class periods that run 90 minutes each.

Group Size:
Large Groups


Color choice is one of the most critical factors in determining a successful quilt. Students will learn to use the color wheel in selecting fabric colors for a quilt.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Textile Design Entrepreneurship
Strand 7 Standard 2

Design and fabricate bedding and pillows. (e.g. quilts, comforters, pillow shams, bed skirts, throw pillows, etc.)

Resources, supplies, and equipment are listed in the lesson plan which is attached to the Instructional Procedures.

Background For Teachers:
Teacher needs a good understanding of the color wheel and the different color schemes.

Student Prior Knowledge:
Students do not need prior knowledge.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Students will understand how to use the color wheel in selecting fabric colors for a quilt. They will also know the color schemes: monochromatic, complimentary, and analogous.

Instructional Procedures:
This lesson plan is on the attachment.


Web Sites

  • Quilt Bus
    This web site has a good description of selection colors using the color wheel. It includes monochromatic, analogous, complimentary, split complimentary, triad and tetrad color schemes.

Assessment Plan:
Students will be assessed on the color wheel they make in class. All information is found in lesson plan #3 which is attached to Instructional Procedures.

Start Quilting with Alex Anderson by Alex Anderson. Quilt, Quilts, Quilts!!! The Complete Guide To Quiltmaking. by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes. Chapter 3. Quick Classic Quilts by Marsha McCloskey

Mary Baker

Created Date :
Jun 16 2003 13:10 PM