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Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning

Time Frame:
2 class periods that run 90 minutes each.

Group Size:


Types of accessories available and how to create a simple accessory with wallpaper.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Advanced Interior DesignStrand 5
Students will analyze the specification of surface treatments, including sustainability and appropriate selection for use in interior design.

Career Connections:

  • Interior Design

1. White shirt or sweater
2. Scarves, jewelry, jackets, etc. to accessorize the shirt or sweater
3. Design Style teacher's guide
4. Design Style handout
5. Accessories study guide
6. Accessories study guide KEY
7. Accessories power point presentation
8. Band boxes handout
9. Poster board, white glue, masking tape, wallpaper, sponge brushes, scissors, x-acto knives, rulers/yardsticks.

Background For Teachers:
Preview the accessories information before presenting the lecture.

Student Prior Knowledge:

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to name several accessories, and make accessories of their own.

Instructional Procedures:
1. Display the sweater or shirt in front of the class. Add several accessories to it and discuss the different ways to accessorize. Explain that this is what accessories can do for a room. Accessories are an important part of a design.

2. Hand out the accessories study guide. Show the accessories presentation and have students complete the study guide during the lecture.

3. Hand out the design style. Have students select a choice from each column listed, and complete the assignment as written. When their evaluations are completed, have students tally their scores and identify the various design styles as stated in the teacher's guide. This is a simple means of helping them identify their personal design tastes. Knowing their design preferences can be very helpful when selecting furnishings and colors for a home. If they circled most of their choices in one column, it is usually easier to select accessories that will work well together. If you find that your preference for two styles are almost equal, you can usually combine them for an eclectic look. If you like a little bit of everything, it can either make decorating fun or torture, depending upon your selection of furnishings and accessories.

4. Explain to the students that we are going to create an accessory for them today to go in their rooms or bathrooms. It is made out of wallpaper and posterboard. Hand out the Band Boxes worksheet. The grading sheet is on the back of the worksheet. It's best to show one part and let the students work, then show the next instruction and let the students complete that, than it is to just give them the handout and have them try to figure it out. MAKE ONE FOR YOURSELF BEFORE YOU TRY TO DO IT WITH THE STUDENTS. Complete the band box as instructed in the handout. This will take the rest of the class period today, and the next class period. Have students hand in and correct. Then have them take their boxes home or use them in their lockers.


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Assessment Plan:
Students will be assessed by the Grading sheet attached to the Band Box handout.


USOE Interior Design Curriculum


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Jul 12 2003 14:20 PM