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Food Safety to Prevent Food-borne Illness

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 90 minutes.

Group Size:


Guidelines will be addressed in preventing the spread of food-borne illness and contamination of food through proper handwashing; food preparation; cooking foods to proper temperature; cooling and reheating leftovers; and proper thawing of frozen foods.


Food Safety, Learning Seed #18095, $89. - 25 minutes.
Prime Time Tape, Food Safety in Utah - 5 minutes, distributed through the Utah State Board of Education.


"Fact Sheets" from Utah Department of Health on Food-borne illnesses - Giardia, Campylobacter, Handwashing, Hepatitis A, Salmonella and Shigella.
Food Safety Quiz - optional activity
How to Fight the Food Spoilers Quz - optional activity


Web Sites

Background For Teachers:
The teacher needs to research current information on Food-borne illness and contamination of food through proper handwashing, food preparation techniques, cooking of food to proper temperature, cooling and reheating leftovers and thawing frozen foods.

Student Prior Knowledge:
Practicing proper handwashing to prevent Food-borne illness and contamination as well as other food safety techniques in the preparation and cooking of foods.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
The student will learn strategies and guidelines to prevent food-borne illnesses and contamination through proper handwashing, handling of foods, food preparation, cooking of foods to proper temperature, cooling and reheating leftovers and thawing of frozen foods.

Instructional Procedures:
Review from last class the Dept. of Health, "Fact Sheets" on Food-borne illnesses by calling individuals or units to identify an important concept to share with the class. Discuss each topic considering the time and to what extent you wish to cover.

Show the video, Food Safety. As the students watch it, have them write down as many of the eleven possible errors from the surveillance tape as they observe Chris and her Dad that may have been the cause for illness. During the video, stop it at the appropriate time for class discussion.

Review with the students information about prevention techniques, temperature zones and the importance of cooking to proper temperature and cooling and reheating foods to correct temperature and thawing foods correctly.

Give the students a quiz for review either to work on independently or together as a class.

Show the video clip that took place in Utah, presented on Prime Time the last 5 minutes of class on Food Safety.

Prime Time Tape, Food Safety in Utah - 5 minutes, distributed through Utah State Board of Education; Renee Hyer, State FACS Specialist.

Facts Sheets from Utah Dept. of Health.

Cindy Tegge

Created Date :
Jul 24 2003 21:05 PM

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