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Fitness Testing -- Trunk Lift/ Sit and Reach"revised"

Curriculum Tie:

Time Frame:
4 class periods that run 70 minutes each.

Group Size:


Students will perform a warm-up prior to the flexibility testing. They will understand the reasons why fitness testing is necessary to physical education. After the testing the students will go on a certain website and write down their standings according to a flexibility calculator. Students the next day will then take all scores from class to make a graph on excel of classes average. I it is important to integrate other subjects into curriculum. It helps students understand why they are doing these things.

1)Gym mats 2)Yardstick 15 inch ruler 3)Coin or marker 4)Sturdy box w/ measuring scale on top 5)Flexibility calculator(Internet) 6)Access to Microsoft -- home, school, classmate

Web Sites

  • Flexibility Calculator
    This is a site required for students to go to and see their score and ranking for flexibility

Background For Teachers:
Teachers need to know the importance of fitness testing. It is suppose to show how fit your students are and if they need to increase physical fitness. This should only be for the students benefit and test results should not make their grade go up or done. This is a participating activity that must be done including technology assignments given out.

Student Prior Knowledge:
This will be done at the beginning and end of the term. They will be taught how to perform the tests the day before so their is no confusion during testing. Students should also be aware of importance is to try their best. This will not be counted against them but for their benefit.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Test objective TRUNK LIFT--- Students will be able to lift the upper body off the floor using muscles of the back and hold the position to allow for measurement. Test objective SIT AND REACH--- Measure the flexibility of the hamstring muscles. Students should be able to reach the specified distance on the right and left side of the body. Students will then go home and come back with results from the Internet calculator to turn in flexibility results from flexibility calculator. They will then take all the results from class and go to excel and make a diagram of everyone's results. *** Students will learn importance of math, technology, and flexibility of class.

Instructional Procedures:
1)Warm-Up-Music will be playing and going back and forth students will do various activities to warm-up, ie lunges, skipping, running, grapevine, 2)Have at least 3 stations of each test.TRUNK/SIT AND REACH.Teacher will demonstrate on how to do it first, and then have students follow. Have a captain in charge at each station to make sure it is done correctly. 3)Click on attachment 1 see description TRUNK LIFT 4)Click on attachment 2 to see description of SIT AND REACH 5)When tests have been administered, give out assignment dealing with flexibility calculator. Talk about next assignment that they will be doing after that deals with excel and how they will be complying the classes score to make a graph of results.


  • trunk.bmp
    This is a picture of the trunk test and the form you are suppose to have.
  • untitled.bmp
    This is a picture of the form from the sit and reach test.

Web Sites

Strategies For Diverse Learners:
Students with disabilities should never be excluded from participation in physical activities. Having that person work with another student is a good suggestion. There is also a website connected to give advice and suggest what else you can do to mainstream disabled students in a regular classroom. *** I have a student who is blind in my class. For the flexibility testing I would have them pair up with two other people during the whole time. If student is not familiar with the computer then I would help the student in entering numbers or another student would help as well.

Web Sites

  • Strategies for diverse learners
    This is a site helpful for studetns with diabilites. It gives adaptions and strategies to help you out in physical education.

Letter to communtiy and parents


Assessment Plan:
Participation points are important as well as the assignments given. They will be graded on if they turn in flexibility calculator results and if they did the graph right on Excel.


  • Doc1.doc
    Example of what students graph should look like. I have made up results to show example.


I created this lesson plan myself in ESS 4700 spring semester with Dr. Watson

Amber mills

Created Date :
Nov 03 2003 09:44 AM