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Sir Isaac Newton - Contributions to Science

Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication

Curriculum Tie:

Time Frame:
2 class periods that run 60 minutes each.

Group Size:


Students will use Internet resources to construct a pamphlet that shows Sir Isaac Newton's contributions to science.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Information & Communications TechnologyStrand 2
Students are introduced to the history, application and safe use of communications technology. They will also explore how we have moved from an analog to a digital world.

Career Connections:

  • Science Related

Computer Lab Paper Colored Pencils

Background For Teachers:
How to use search engines. Basic Information about Sir Isaac. Newton and his contributions to science.

Student Prior Knowledge:
How to use Internet search engines. How to save and print information from Web sites.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Each student will create a pamphlet that shows at least three of Sir Isaac Newton's contributions to science.

Instructional Procedures:
Day One: Ask students what they know about Isaac Newton. Mention that Newton has made many accomplishments to the world of math and science. Computer Lab Activity: Search and locate at least five Web sites about Isaac Newton. From those Web sites extract information that shows Newton’s contributions in three areas of science. Find at least one virtual field trip that takes you on a tour about Isaac Newton’s life and contributions. Gather information from that filed trip. Make sure to keep a record of the Web sites for a “reference” section on the back of the pamphlet. Day Two Organize and compile the information into at least three scientific categories. Organize the information into a three-fold pamphlet. Refer to the Isaac Newton Rubric at for the organization criteria. Day Three Present the pamphlet to the teacher.

Strategies For Diverse Learners:
Accelerated Learner: Acquire information from the Internet about Sir Isaac Newton's contributions to science. Assist other learner's in their quest for information.

Complete a two page report on Newton's contributions to science.

Assessment Plan:
Presentation of the pamphlet to the instructor. The instructor will use the Isaac Newton Rubric to evaluate the pamphlet.




Created Date :
Nov 14 2003 13:51 PM

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