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Cultural Lit. 5: Expanding Map Vocabulary

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 60 minutes.


Students will be able to name the vocabulary words in Navajo, Ute and Spanish for the cardinal directions, after receiving direct instruction and carrying out activities in cooperative group settings, in 1 class period.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Social Studies - 1st Grade
Standard 3 Objective 1

Identify and use geographic terms and tools.

1. Large size map of Dine’ Bikeyah.
2. Class set of 5 desk size maps of Dine’ Bikeyah.
3. Teacher generated handout of an enlarged map key with compass rose and symbols for mountains, rivers, lakes, towns, roads 1 inch = 15 miles on large Dine’ Bikeyah map. 1 inch = 30 miles on small Dine’ Bikeyah map.
4. Paper, pencil, crayons.


Background For Teachers:
Guarded Vocabulary:
Cardinal direction, compass rose, north, east, south, west

Intended Learning Outcomes:
To be able to name the vocabulary words in Navajo, Ute and Spanish for the cardinal directions:
(see handout for vocabulary words)

Instructional Procedures:
Introduce lesson to capture student’s attention:

[This lesson entails student’s having a working knowledge of cardinal directions. Teacher may need to teach or review the cardinal directions before proceeding with this lesson.]

Teacher tells the class that they are going outside to learn the cardinal directions in the Navajo, Ute and Spanish languages. Teacher takes the class outside and reviews the cardinal directions. Teacher says the directions: “north, east, south, west,” and moves toward the direction as it is said. Teacher repeats, saying cardinal directions and moving with student’s following along.

Teacher says the cardinal directions in Navajo and moves accordingly.

Teacher repeats in Navajo with students saying and moving along.

Teacher says the cardinal directions in Ute, and moves accordingly. Teacher repeats in Ute with students saying and moving along. Teacher says the cardinal directions in Spanish and moves accordingly. Teacher repeats in Spanish with students saying and moving along. Teacher tells class they are going to practice more in class.

How can you get the students really thinking?

With students working in groups of four, teacher will ask students to work together and identify the cardinal directions in their classroom.

Teacher will write on the board, or on a projection device, or on a flipchart, the cardinal directions with correct orientation to the classroom. Teacher will write the Navajo, Ute and Spanish words for the cardinal directions as well.

Teacher will ask the groups to copy from the board and list the cardinal directions in all four languages, respectively, each on an 8”x11” sheet of paper. Teacher will collect sheets and tape up on the pertaining wall.

Teacher Instruction:
Teacher disseminates desk size copies to each group a Dine’ Bikeyah map and puts the large copy at front of the class. With the big map at front of class, and students working in table groups of four, teacher will disseminate the handout of a map key to each group. Using the map key handout teacher shows students how to orient the Dine’ Bikeyah map according to the compass rose. Teacher says the names of the cardinal directions in English, Navajo, Ute, and Spanish with students repeating and finding the cardinal direction on the map.

How will you end your lesson?
Class presentation, in pairs, of compass rose drawing.

Strategies For Diverse Learners:
How will you help ELL students?

Guided Practice:
Teacher is working with each group and student’s individually in each group and listens to them tell the cardinal directions, in English, while pointing to the direction.

Students will work in table groups of four with the maps and find and show the cardinal directions. Working in pairs students will draw a compass rose and label the cardinal directions in each of the four languages, copying the spelling from the board. Teacher and assistant will circulate among groups to direct students.

Assessment Plan:
Observation of student participation. Class presentation by pair of compass rose drawing.

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Jan 18 2005 20:19 PM

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