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TECH:Model Rocketry - Air Powered (Trans)

Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning

Time Frame:
3 class periods that run 45 minutes each.

Group Size:
Large Groups


Through the experience of flying a rocket, the student will appreciate the importance of fin alignment, how the laws of physics affect the flight of a rocket and the elements of aerodynamics that are displayed in rocket flight. They will also utilize basic Trigonometry to calculate rocket altitude.

Career Connections:

  • Technical
  • Scientific

1- 1/2 x 6 cardboard tube
2- 11/4 x 8 card stock (fins)
3- 1/2 x 1/2 dowel
4- 8xxx cork
5- 1 brad nail
6- 1 drinking straw
7- Air Launch Apparatus

Background For Teachers:
Resources for materials:
1- Rocket tubes.......CARAUSTAR industrial and consumer products group
2585 South 2570 West
S.L.C. UT. 84119

2- Corks, straws, dowel...PITSCO
P.O. Box 1707
y, Kansas 66762-1707


Intended Learning Outcomes:
1- The Student will describe the evolution of rocketry and the impacts of aerospace technology.
2- The Student will explain the basic principles of flight and basic physics of motion.
3- The Student will design, construct, and launch a small rocket.

Instructional Procedures:
Before begin the actual creation of the rocket: Student will read the related information in rocketry unit, know the key words and definitions, complete the rocketry unit worksheet.
Steps for designing and creating rocket:
1- Draw a sketch of the parts of a rocket
2- glue dowel piece onto the big end of cork to make nose cone
3- Trace and cut out three fins
4- Make a fold on the root edge of fin
5- Mark and draw fin alignment lines on rocket tube
6- Glue fins on rocket ( glue folded tab onto body tube )
7- Glue nose cone on rocket tube
8- Glue straw segment next to fin along the rocket tube
9- Lauch the rocket.
10- Student will collect launch and flight data in order to determine altitude of rocket flight.

Melvin Robinson

Created Date :
Jul 25 2002 15:15 PM

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