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Senior Capstone 2: Using Databases and Library Catalog

Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning

Curriculum Tie:

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 30 minutes.

Group Size:
Large Groups


This lesson plan introduces databases and the library catalog to students who are completing the Senior Capstone project.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Secondary Library Media (6-12)
Strand 3: Standard 1:

Determine a wide range of general and specific sources.


  • Media Computer Lab or Classroom Mobile Lab
  • eBooks (e.g. Salem Press)
  • World Book
  • Utah’s Online Library sites
  • Destiny (or other library catalog), (WebPath Express, eBooks).

Web Sites

Background For Teachers:
Classroom teachers and librarian need to collaborate and pre-plan for the Capstone to set up time for the lesson, order materials students may need/want for their research projects, and get a list of student research topics to librarian.

Student Prior Knowledge:
Students will need to choose their Capstone Research topics before this lesson; teachers can compile and give the school librarian a comprehensive list so she/he can assist students individually as they proceed through the research process.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Student will be able to locate valid sources beyond Google and Wikipedia. Students will search and use tools within a database.

Students will produce a multi-source research paper and ePortfolio (multi-genre) as two end products of the Capstone.

Instructional Procedures:

  • 3-minute video “What are databases?”
  • Distribute passwords that students can use to access school resources from home.
  • Students access a specific website, such as EBSCO, Gale, or SIRS.
  • Demonstrate the Boolean search strategies, and librarian will show tools associated with databases (citation tool, e mail, annotation). Students will then practice searching and using tools.
  • Students will logon to Destiny (or other library operating system used). Librarian demonstrates using Destiny to locate books/print sources that could be used for their research – pointing out non-fiction, call numbers and how to tell if the book is available. While in Destiny (catalog) a short look at e-books and some features they will find when using them. Next the class will go to Webpath Express, which has approved websites for research, and search their topics and narrow or expand their search as needed.

Web Sites

Assessment Plan:
Q&A sessions ongoing during this lesson (formative assessments and feedback provided) by both Librarian and classroom teacher.

Catherine Bates
Arna Clark

Created Date :
Sep 08 2016 11:21 AM