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Finding Materials in the Library

Curriculum Tie:

Group Size:


Students are given a list of materials that exist in the library. They have a time limit to find the materials. Answer a question about each item on the list and return the paper to the teacher.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Secondary Library Media (6-12)
Strand 5: Standard 2:

Extract relevant information that answers the information problem and meets task requirements.

Access to the library for one class period.

Background For Teachers:
The teacher needs to go to the library and create several lists of materials that exist in the library. On each list there needs to be materials from each area of the library. The idea is to have the students go and find the same information you found. It should take each student about 10 minutes to find and record all of the information on the list.

Student Prior Knowledge:
Students must have an orientation to the library. In other words, they need to be familiar where the different sections of the library are.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
The students should be able find a given set of information in the library. They should be able to find materials in reference books, fiction books, and non fiction books.

Instructional Procedures:
Students are given a list of items to be found in the library. Each list is different.You may break the class into groups where the each student in each group has different list. You will only need to create five or six different lists.see attachments for example list. Send the groups at different times to the library to search. The students have to find the information on their own with out help from the librarian or library staff.



Dean Cunningham

Created Date :
Jun 19 2017 11:54 AM

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