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Art Connection

art connection
Every week meet fascinating artists and hear their stories about how a hobby became a passion. Airs Sundays at 7:00 p.m on UEN-TV Channel 9.

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Defy Expectations
7:00 PM on September 17th, 2017
1:00 AM on September 24th, 2017

Neo-classical rock star organist Cameron Carpenter, made his own instrument and when he performs he defies the traditional views of organ players. Central Florida's Chris Scala likes to break rules. He expresses his creativity through many different art forms...From stone sculptures to underwater art. Several of the nation's top muralists descend upon the walls of Circus Circus Casino in Downtown Reno to slug it out in a 24-hour mural marathon. Throughout her life, Russian-born Cincinnati artist Ivanka Lempitsky collected small knick-knacks. Today she is turning those found objects into fine jewelry.

Reaching New Heights
7:00 PM on September 24th, 2017
1:00 AM on October 1st, 2017

We sit down with a cabaret performer whose content is physics and other sciences. Author Richard Russo’s career reached new heights in 1993 with his third novel Nobody’s Fool. A film adaptation that starred Paul Newman a year later helped make the fictional town of North Bath, NY dear to many. Artist Lisa Scholder helps to heal the visible and emotional wounds of female cancer survivors through body paint. We talk with Kelsey Rose Young and Katherine Greene with the Detroit tap repertory. These tappers are keeping the beat with their feet while they perform around the city.

Past Episodes

Finding Inspiration
We visit midtown Kansas City for the annual Chalk and Walk Festival. Every year the festival keeps getting bigger and better in its quest to prove chalk is a legitimate way to make incredible art pieces. Jessica Helen Lopez shares how identity inspires her poetry. Artist Julie Crews is not painting, she is co-parenting her five children with her husband, Neil. Julie says she mostly paints the people, places, and things that she encounters running errands for a family. Lastly, satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to Mmelo in the Arena District in Downtown Columbus. Owner Michelle Allen shows off her tasty confections, namely her signature marshmallows.

Heidi Hoy’s expressive bronze sculptures render women with incredible strength and femininity. Wilmington, Ohio is often known for its antique shops. This small, sleepy town is home to a tattoo parlor which is anything but antique, it’s an art gallery. Photographer Steve McCurry tells us about his travels around the world which lead him to create iconic photographs of vanishing traditions, armed conflicts, and contemporary life. A hard-early life and eventual enlightenment influenced artist Forrest Prince in the creation of some striking multi-media art.

Inspiring Moments
We sit down with a band who is thriving in the Cuban Music scene, with a style that has a west coast flair. Meet artist Jeremy Johnson who uses remains from humane sources, to explore the natural world with techniques of taxidermy. Visit a one-night experimental art event on Historic 25th Street in Ogden, Utah. Students from Weber State University created sculptures which incorporated light as a central design element. Also, over the span of her lifetime, Maya Angelou inspired others to think about and share their stories and history. In that same spirit, literary organizations Gemini Ink and Second Verse are working with local students to learn life lessons from poetry.

Break the Limits
Learn about a Tampa Bay non-profit that provides musical instruments to injured veterans and other service members in an effort to use the power of music to help heal. Meet life-long artist Tim Jackson, who, after suffering a stroke, had to learn to paint with his left hand. What began as the first Hispanic-led public radio station in the country, KUVO celebrated its 30th year in the 2015 as one of the top jazz radio stations in the world. Also, Susie Medhurst and Jenni Quadros make teddy bears and memory pillows; a labor of love becomes a huggable memory for families remembering loved ones.

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