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CTE/Family & Consumer Sciences Education Curriculum
FACS Exploration
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Lesson Plans  
Strand 4
Students will identify and discuss social skills related to Human Services careers needed to develop personal independence and interpersonal relationships. (FACS Family and Human Services Career Pathway)
Standard 1
Identify skills needed to develop and strengthen interpersonal relationships.
  • Dangers of Labeling and Stereotyping
    This lesson discusses the dangers of labeling and stereotyping ourselves and people around us. It also discusses ways that we can avoid those behaviors.
  • Minding Your Manners
    This unit helps to emphasize the importance of proper manners and etiquette in creating a positive self-concept, developing communication skills, giving good first impressions, and having appropriate social skills. Specific meal etiquette is presented during the foods unit.
  • Nonverbal Communication
    A series of role plays by the teacher to illustrate how the body involuntarily shows how a person feels.
  • Parents
    This lesson teaches students the value of parenthood and allows them to think about the type of parents they would like to be.
  • Peermanship
    This lesson is an attempt to help adolescents master skills that will help them establish behavior patterns and social attitudes useful in building healthy, rewarding social relationships throughout life.
  • Responsible Relationships
    This lesson contains activities that help build responsible relationships.
  • Self-Awareness
    These are a series of worksheets to be used in helping students get to know themselves better.

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