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Standard 4
Students will understand that genetic information coded in DNA is passed from parents to offspring by sexual and asexual reproduction. The basic structure of DNA is the same in all living things. Changes in DNA may alter genetic expression.
Objective 1
Compare sexual and asexual reproduction.
  • A Recessive Gene in Utah
    Students participate in an activity which models transmission of a recessive gene.
  • Bioethical Decision Making
    Students will read a scenario based six different genetics bioethical situations. They will then use a decision making model to make bioethical choices if faced with this scenario.
  • Comparison Matrix of Asexual and Sexual Reproduction
    Students research characteristics, similarities, and differences between sexual and asexual reproduction. Students will understand the processes, advantages and disadvantages of each and how genetic variation relates to both.
  • Planaria Lab
    Students will conduct a lab using planaria to observe asexual reproduction.
  • Position Paper on Genetic Technology/Bioengineering
    Students will be given a six-traits writing assignment on a topic in genetics, bioengineering or other related sciences. They will research the topic and take a position based on their findings.
  • Propagating a Spider Plant Lab
    Students will conduct a lab in which they propagate spider plants to observe asexual reproduction.
  • Reproduction and Cells
    In this activity students will understand how sexual and asexual reproduction are alike and different.

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