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Science - Earth Science
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Standard 3
Students will understand the atmospheric processes that support life and cause weather and climate.
Objective 2
Describe elements of weather and the factors that cause them to vary from day to day.
  • Atmosphere 6-Station Lab
    This is a “6-station” lab where students move from one small experiment to another to learn about the properties of Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Decoding My Textbook
    Students will rewrite a section of text from their textbooks into words they understand. They will create a picture to illustrate the text and combine their work into a new “book”.
  • Gathering Weather Information
    Students use weather data and information found on the Internet to predict weather patterns.
  • KSL Weather Project
    Students will track various weather factors for a week.
  • Plate Tectonics Computer Software Activity
    This activity requires a CD titled “The Theory of Plate Tectonics” by Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc. The worksheet provided could be used for any software program if you have others available.
  • Reporting the Weather
    Students will take one indicator from the core curriculum to explain in a TV "weather report" that they write and perform.
  • Weather Watchers
    Students will use weather instruments and the Internet to monitor the weather for a week. They will make graphs that compare weather factors analyze their relationships.
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