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Science - Chemistry
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 1
Students will understand that all matter in the universe has a common origin and is made of atoms, which have structure and can be systematically arranged on the periodic table.
Objective 2
Relate the structure, behavior, and scale of an atom to the particles that compose it.
  • Atom in a Bag
    Students will use bags of beads with know quantities of electrons, neutrons and protons to identify the element that they represent.
  • Atomic Model Construction
    Students create models of atoms. Then as a class they compare the various aspects of the atoms including; relative size, charge, positions of subatomic particles, and identity of atom based on proton, neutron, and electrons.
  • Build An Atom
    Students use cereal, marshmallows, and frosting to help them understand the concept of the atom, ion, and isotope, as well as the locations of subatomic particles in the atom, the concept of strong nuclear force.
  • Matter in a Mole
    Students calculate and measure how many grams are in a mole, then measure one mole of that substance for display.
  • Molecules in a Name
    Students will use the starting mass of a piece of chalk to find out how much chalk it takes to write their names
  • Scientists and Their Experiments with the Atom
    Students will give group presentations on various scientists and their experiments. They will use labs, activities, handouts, etc. to present the ideas.
  • Timeline for the Atom
    Students will examine how significant scientific theories are developed, explore the work of scientists who contributed ideas to the atomic theory, and develop a timeline of key scientists to show how the work of each one built on the efforts of those who came before them.
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