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Science - Chemistry
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 4
Students will understand that in chemical reactions matter and energy change forms, but the amounts of matter and energy do not change.
Objective 2
Analyze evidence for the laws of conservation of mass and conservation of energy in chemical reactions.
  • Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
    Students will mix 3 substances in water and measure the heat change.
  • Hot and Cold
    Students study the energy associated with physical and chemical changes. The activity consists of observing nine phenomena.
  • Hotter All the TIme
    Students will establish the degree of temperature change for a reaction and then change the concentration of one reactant.
  • Incomplete Combustion: Chemistry of Air Pollution
    Students will design and carry out a class experiment comparing the emissions of a diesel and gasoline car then use chemical equations and molar proportions to see why larger molecules are more difficult to burn completely.
  • Lego Stoichiometry
    Students will use legos or other models of atoms to create molecules.
  • Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
    Students will design an experiment that enables them to decide which metals will displace each other from solution and displace hydrogen from an acid.
  • Reactions in a Battery
    With this inquiry experiment students will design their own batteries and learn about why batteries work.
  • Serious Stoichiometry
    Students will perform a lab to observe a chemical reaction. One reactant is weighed and one product is isolated, allowing students to determine both a theoretical mole ratio (using stoichiometry) and an experimental mole ratio.
  • S’mores Lab
    Students will relate the making of símores to limiting reagents and theoretical and actual yields.
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