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Language Arts - Elementary Curriculum
1st Grade - Language Arts
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Standard 3
(Phonological and Phonemic Awareness): Students develop phonological and phonemic awareness.
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  • Phoneme Isolation: Building Phonemic Awareness
    In this lesson, from ReadWriteThink, students engage in games and chants to identify beginning and ending phonemes. Students will match objects with the same beginning or ending sound, identify whether a given sound occurs at the beginning or ending of a word, and connect phonemes with graphemes.
  • Play with Words: Rhyme & Verse
    Children of all ages enjoy listening to bouncy rhythms and reciting catchy rhymes. In this unit from EDSITEment, students will use their senses to experience poetry. Students will listen to poems and rhymes, clap out syllables, and sing along with familiar tunes. They will also use puppets and crafts to help recall and retell favorite poems. Finally, students will experience the joy of crafting their own original poems.
  • Teaching Short Vowel Discrimination With Dr. Seuss
    The study of common rimes, or word families, is vital to students' early reading and writing skills. Through the contrast of short vowel patterns, this ReadWriteThink lesson supports first- and second-grade students' use of analogy to apply their knowledge of vowel sounds in reading and spelling new words. The integration of Dr. Seuss rhymes creates an engaging study of onsets and rimes. Students will discover patterns in words, sort words based on their vowel patterns, and apply their knowledge in reading and writing activities.
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