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Mathematics - Elementary Curriculum
Mathematics - 3rd Grade
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 4
Students will select and use appropriate units and measurement tools to solve problems.
Objective 1
Select and use appropriate tools and units to estimate and measure length, weight, capacity, time, and perimeter of two-dimensional figures.
USOE-Approved Lesson Plans   USOE-Approved Lesson Plans
  • Cells
    Students will continue their increase their understanding of living and non-living things by investigating yeast.
  • Hammer Time!
    Students will predict, observe, and compare what happens when a force is applied to an object.
  • How Big Are Earth, Sun, and Moon?
    These activities will help students understand where the sun is in the solar system and how big the earth, moon, and sun are.
  • Move It, Sir Isaac!
    Students will learn about the laws of motion and force.
  • Sun or Shade?
    Students will use a thermometer to measure the air temperature in several places around the school and then return to the classroom to graph the data. In addition, students will grow 3 plants in different sunlight and record the growth.
  • The Earth Is Flat
    This lesson Standard will help students understand that the shape of Earth and the moon are spherical and that Earth rotates on its axis to produce the appearance of the sun and the moon moving through the sky.
  • Things Are Heating Up!
    Students will learn that heat is produced from mechanical and electrical machines and human activities.
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