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Social Studies Curriculum
Social Studies - 6th Grade
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 4
Students will understand current global issues and their rights and responsibilities in the interconnected world.
Objective 1
Analyze how major world events of the 20th century affect the world today.
  • Causes of WWI (An Introductory Lesson)

    An introductory lesson that overviews the four main causes of World War I.

    Lesson focuses mainly on Conflict, Imperialism, Militarism, Nationalism and System of Alliances.

    Enduring Understanding:
    Students will understand the causes and effects of WWI on our world today.

    Essential Questions:

    1. What causes conflict?
    2. What were the major causes of WWI?
    3. How do you resolve conflicts in your life?
  • Propaganda and its effects on WWI

    Propaganda had a large effect on opinions during World War One. This lesson is to introduce students to what propaganda is and how it can affect opinions and actions during wartime.

    Enduring Understanding:
    Students will understand important ideas from World War One and their effects.

    Essential Question:
    How does propaganda affect opinions and actions of people and leaders during wartime?

  • WWI-Impact on Soldiers, Families, and Land
    This lesson is an interactive way for students to realize the impact WWI had upon soldiers, families, and land in Europe.

    Essential Question: How did World War One have an impact on soldiers, their families and the land?
  • World War One Main Events Using Primary Sources

    Students will explore the main events of World War One using primary source documents.

    Enduring Understanding:
    Students will understand the causes, effects, and main events of World War One.

    Essential Questions:
    What is the significance of the the main events in WWI?

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