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Social Studies - U.S. Government & Citizenship
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Standard 2
Students will understand the protections and privileges of individuals and groups in the United States.
Objective 2
Analyze how civil rights and liberties have been changed through court decisions.

  • A Time for Justice
    Enduring Understanding:Students will understand the protections and privileges of individuals and groups in the United States.
    Essential Questions:What are the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights?
    How does the Bill of Rights protect divresity?
    What was the civil rights movement in the south?
  • The Bill of Rights and the News
    Students will examine current news stories and from them develop "BIG" questions related to individual and group rights. They will then relate their questions to the U.S. Constitution and supreme court decisions.

    Enduring Understanding:

    • Students will understand that the Constitution is a living document and that it is applicable to situations which arise in everyday life.

    Essential Questions:

    • What are the freedoms and rights guaranteed in the United States Constitution?
    • How have civil rights and liberties been changed, and how do they continue to be changed, through court decisions.

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