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Social Studies - U.S. Government & Citizenship
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Standard 4
Students will understand the responsibilities of citizens in the United States.
Objective 3
Assess methods for respectfully dealing with differences.

  • Living in Two Worlds? Being Indian in Utah
    The student will be able to perceive the challenges of navigating multiple cultures faced by contemporary Indians.
  • Rethinking Manifest Destiny: Westward Expansion...
    The student will be able to weigh the events of history influenced by the assumption of manifest destiny by examining the underlying concepts and points of view involved.
  • The Northwestern Shoshones, the Bear River...
    The student will be able to understand the tragic circumstances of the Bear River Massacre. They will also discover the adaptability and determination of the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone in their ability to repurpose the site.
  • The Skull Valley Goshutes and the Nuclear Storage...
    The student will be able to comprehend how tribal sovereignty is complicated by disagreements over land use, economic development, and state vs. federal control. They will also understand the economic and ecological variables that have shaped the Skull Valley Band of Goshute’s attempted acquisition of a nuclear waste storage facility.
  • The Southern Paiutes of Utah: From Termination...
    The student will be able to evaluate the effects of the federal government’s termination and restoration policies on the Paiute Tribe of Utah and connect this history to the importance of Native American sovereignty.

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