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Social Studies Curriculum
Social Studies - U. S. History II
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 1
Students will expand their knowledge of pre-Reconstruction America.
Objective 2
Investigate the development of the United States’ form of government, a compound constitutional republic, and its institutions and politics.
  • AIH-17: American Indian Influences on the Constitution
    Students will understand American Indian influences on the Articles of Confederation and Constitution.
  • Essentials of the US Constitution Unit
    Enduring Understanding: Students will understand how the content of the U.S. Government enables the U.S. Government to function.

    Essential Questions:

    1. What is the basic structure of the Constitution?
    2. What are the roles and functions of the three branches of government?
    3. How do separation of powers and checks and balances affect the U.S. Government?
    4. What are the rights, liberties, and responsibilities of U.S. citizens?
    5. How is the Constitution a living document?
  • Political Parties
    Enduring Understanding:
  • Students will understand the similarities and differences between the various political parties in the United States.
    Essential Questions:
  • How did political parties develop?
  • What is the difference between the numerous political ideologies?
  • How do the viewpoints of the dominant political parties differ on the main issues affecting the United States?
  • U.S History I Review for History Il
      Enduring Understanding:
    • The student will be able to recall and relate information relative to pre-Reconstruction America.
      Essential Question:
    • Who were the most important contributors in early American history?
    • What contributions were made during this time period?
    • How has early American history affected present day America?

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