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Science - Physics
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Standard 3
Students will understand the factors determining the strength of gravitational and electric forces.
  • Coulomb's Law
    A brief explanation of the formula, how it relates to gravity, and example problems with solutions. From Michigan State University.
  • Deep Impact
    Detailed information, background, and resources about a mission to crash a probe into a comet in July, 2005 and observe the outcome. From NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs.
  • How Does Gravity Work?
    The gravity formula is explained, along with the difference between Newton's gravity and Einstein's gravity.
  • Is Gravity a Particle or a Wave?
    A question that strikes right at the center of one of the hottest and most challenging research topics in physics, according to resident physicist Kurt Riesselmann.
  • Physics Hypertextbook
    A collection of physics-related links organized by topic: mechanics, matter, thermodynamics, wave phenomena, electricity and magnetism, modern physics, and more.
  • Thermic Energy
    A great comparison of thermal, electromagnetic, and gravitational energies.
  • What is Mass?
    The difference between mass and weight is discussed.
  • Why Do Mass and Distance Affect Gravity?
    A nice simple discussion of the topic, along with gravitons and links to questions about gravity in space.
  • Why Gravity Causes Things to Fall
    Movies of a tennis ball falling from different heights (Empire State Bldg., Golden Gate Bridge, etc.) with a brief explanation of the acceleration of gravity.

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