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Social Studies - U. S. History II
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Standard 7
Students will understand the causes, course, and consequences of the United States' role in World War II.
  • Ad Access
    This is a collection of advertisements from 1911 to 1955 maintained by Duke University. Ad Access can be used as a way to examine social history, persuasion, or economics.
  • Cybrary of the Holocaust
    An important starting point for study of the Holocaust. The site includes photos, witness accounts, art, literature, and historical documents. There are lesson plans and bibliographies for instructors.
  • EyeWitness
    "History through the eyes of those who lived it" including images, sounds, and writings.
  • German Propaganda Archive
    Calvin College has collected an archive of Nazi and East German propaganda. These speeches, posters, cartoons, and instructions for propagandists are prime material for student analysis and discussion.
  • LII-Supreme Court Collection
    This site has information on historical, current, and upcoming cases in the US Supreme Court. It also includes information about the justices, the organization of the court, and a glossary.
  • Military before Radar
    A few photos of a land-based sonar set-up prior to the introduction of radar. Very interesting.
  • Teaching with Primary Sources - The Attack on Pearl Harbor
    This Annotated Resource Set was developed by Debbie Cline as part of the Teaching with Primary Sources Western Regional Center - a pilot program funded by the Library of Congress.
  • The Voices of World War II
    This multimedia collection includes two documentaries created by WWII veterans in Washington State as well as lesson plans and activities. Some video content may need parent approval.
  • WWII Activities and Projects
    Irish portal for WWII resources for students.
  • What Did You Do in the War, Grandma?
    This site is about women during WWII, with a strong emphasis on teaching methods for recording oral histories.
  • Within These Walls
    From the Smithsonian, the history of one house over 200 years. The site emphasizes how historians discover information through artifacts. Includes a teacher's guide and reading list. Flash capabilities are needed for best results.

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