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Mathematics - Elementary Curriculum
Mathematics - 1st Grade
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Standard 3
Students will understand simple geometry and measurement concepts as well as collect, represent, and draw conclusions from data.
Objective 1
Identify, describe, and create simple geometric figures.
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  • Shape Hunt
    Students have opportunities to recognize, describe, build, and explore shapes in many different contexts. This investigation uses tangrams, or pattern blocks, in many of the activities. If these resources are unavailable, print out sets of tangrams from the Girl Tech website. Teachers may choose to add a circular object to students' tangram sets.
  • Tangram Puzzles
    This two-part tangram example demonstrates the potential for high-quality experiences provided by computer 'shape' environments for students as they learn concepts described in the Geometry Standard. Describing figures and visualizing what they look like when they are transformed are important aspects of geometry in the lower grades.
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