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American Colonial History - Alignment to Utah Core

Below are just some of the ways The Mission 1: For Crown or Colony? online game supports the Utah Core Curriculum
Fifth Grade Eighth Grade
Social Studies
Standard & Objective Indicator Mission US Content
Standard 1, Objective 3 Compare the varying degrees of freedom held by different groups (e.g. American Indians, landowners, women, indentured servants, enslaved people).
  • There are several opportunities to discuss slavery and servitude with simulation characters throughout the first few parts of the simulation. Depending on the interaction with the characters, you can learn how independence might affect slaves or indentured servants and the degree to which they would support or oppose revolution.
Standard 2, Objective 1 Explain the role of events that led to declaring independence (e.g. French and Indian War, Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party).
  • The Townshend Acts and introduced early in the simulation and there is plenty of discussion of both sides regarding importation boycotts and protests.
  • The Boston Massacre is represented as a complex event and is specifically designed to allow for multiple interpretations of that event.
  • Briefly reviews the Boston Tea Party and the Declaration of Independence in the epilogue, but there is little gameplay involved in these events.
Standard 2, Objective 1 Analyze arguments both for and against declaring independence using primary sources from Loyalist and patriot perspectives.
  • Introduces various primary sources representing patriot views, such as a Sons of Liberty pamphlet and notes posted on the Liberty Tree.
  • Franklin’s “Join or Die” cartoon is included.
  • Introduces "Common Sense" in the epilogue.
  • Allows the student to interact with both loyalist and patriot characters in the simulation, which give opinions and arguments for both sides. At times the student is forced to choose from a range of possible responses to those opinions.
Standard 2, Objective 1 Explain the content and purpose of the Declaration of Independence. Introduced briefly in the epilogue, but not  a focus of this simulation.