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C.A.C.T.U.S. Tutorial

What is it?

  • C.A.C.T.U.S. (Comprehensive Administration of Credentials for Teachers in Utah Schools) is a database housed at the Utah State Board of Education containing Utah teacher credential information.
  • Contact your district's human resources department if any of the information in your C.A.C.T.U.S. record is incorrect. If you are not currently employed with a Utah school, contact the Utah State Board of Education.
  • C.A.C.T.U.S. records do not include license renewal points.


How do I find my C.A.C.T.U.S. ID

  • Follow the steps for logging into C.A.C.T.U.S. under Getting Started.
  • Once logged in, you will find your C.A.C.T.U.S. ID near the top of every screen.

Getting Started

  • Be registered at UEN
  • Go to
  • Log-in to your my.uen page
  • Use the C.A.C.T.U.S. (Utah Licensing) link located within the Services/Tools portlet on your Personal page.
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