Dec. 15: Annual Food and Clothing Drive
Bring food and warmth to the cold and hungry. Drop off food, coats and gloves to the Eccles Broadcast Center, 101 Wasatch Drive,  - a project of UETN, KUED and KUER.
Save the Date: Utah OER Collective
Utah educators are invited to participate in the second annual Utah Open Education Resources Collective on January 18, 2018. Learn more and apply...
The State of Education Technology in Utah
A quarter of Utah’s schools have outdated Wi-Fi equipment, but it’s not all bad news. Find out what challenges and opportunities our preliminary report uncovered on...
Dec 21: Deadline for Youth Leadership Award Nominations
Nominate 7-12 grade students for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth Leadership Award from the U of Utah. Each recipient will receive a plaque and monetary award. 


Dining with the Chef
Ground Meat Cutlet (Menchi Katsu) - The theme this episode is deep-frying. Chef Saito and Yu Hayami make menchi katsu, a western-style dish born in Japan. Chef Saito's family recipe for...

MHz Worldview

Blue Eyes
Janina confronts Olle and Kristoffer when a large sum of money goes missing from their campaign funds. Directed by Fredrik Edfeldt, 2014.


Languages of Victory
Thanks to the 2002 Hollywood film Windtalkers, the Navajo code talkers of World War II emerged from the annals of history to become world famous. But...