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Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Social & Civic Responsibility
  • Employability

Curriculum Tie:

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 90 minutes.

Group Size:
Small Groups


It is very important that you know about budgeting and have discussed it before you get married. Money is a subject many couples avoid discussing, especially if they are having financial problems. It is important to remember that a budget must be flexible in order to work. A budget that is not flexible causes many problems. The budget is a good starting point from which a couple can manage their money.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Adult Roles And Responsibilities
Strand 4 Standard 5

Identify marriage and family financial goals and budget development strategies.

Checkbooks, student groups of four

Background For Teachers:
Knowledge on budgeting.

Student Prior Knowledge:
It helps if students have knowledge of banking, writing skills, and also careers.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
1. Students will be plan and rationalize a one-month budget. 2. Students will use problem-solving skills to adjust their budget for unplanned expenses. 3. Students will use knowledge of writing checks to pay mock bills.

Instructional Procedures:


Web Sites

  • Suze Orman
    Resources on financial topics. Also lists other websites you can go to for topic information.
  • Suze Orman
    9 steps to financial freedom.
  • Consumer Jungle
    Consumer has teacher and student information, handouts, lessons, powerpoints, reviews, vocabulary index, etc. It is a fun site just to go and play on.


Created Date :
Jun 06 2003 11:50 AM