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Ask Vickie - Important Information About Our Classes

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Who... Can Take Classes?

People in Utah who are associated with education can take classes from the Utah Education Network.

What... Are Classes Like?

All classes are technology-related and include education-specific components: tips for managing student projects, ideas for incorporating technologies into curriculum instruction, technology to enhance student learning and motivation. They relate technology use to teaching and learning theories such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences, Inquiry-learning, etc.

Many are suitable for technology novices.

Our instructors are very patient and respectful of all levels of ability, though we encourage those with modest skills to stick with the "green" level courses.

All in-person classes include a mix of follow-along demonstration and practice and non-computer activities for reinforcement and application of the skills. Participants will work alone, in small groups, as a class and we provide variation in activities in other ways as well.

All online classes include weekly assignment submission and asynchronous discussion. Most require reading or viewing of video tutorials to obtain content/skills knowledge. Some include live web conferencing, online quizzes, web research and other activities.

What... Do Classes Cost?

All classes are free. If you choose to complete Southern Utah University credit, there is a per credit recording fee directly to SUU after completing all the requirements. General Professional Development courses are $21 per credit.

Where... Are Classes Held?

Most in-person classes are held in our computer classroom in Milton Bennion Hall at the University of Utah. (see map) Our offices are in 205 MBH, the classroom is room 202 MBH.

Online classes do not require an in-person meeting and may be accessed from any location with a fast Internet connection. We provide classes by request at schools, districts and conferences throughout the state of Utah.

When... Are Classes Held?

In-person classes at our Univ. of Utah facility run from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. with 30 minutes for lunch.

During the school year, classes are scheduled Wednesday – Saturday. During the summer, classes are held Monday – Friday.

When… Are Updated Schedules Posted?

We repeat most of our courses throughout the year. New catalogs are posted on August 1 (Sept – Dec), December 1 (Jan – May) and April 1 (June-Aug) each year.

Why... Should I Take a Class?

How... Do I Register?

Click the link for "View courses" and select a course that looks interesting to you. Choose a section on dates that you are available, and begin the registration process. To complete registration, you’ll need to enter a my.uen login and password.

How... Do I Manage My Courses?

Log into my.uen, navigate to your Personal page, and use the "My UEN Courses" link in the Services / Tools portlet. You can confirm and cancel courses, as well as view the history of courses for which you are registered as well as those completed in the past.

How... Do I Request a Course?

Contact the UEN Professional Development manager or call 801-587-1717.

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