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Utah Debate Commission Schedule
Utah Debate Commission Schedule
Check out the Utah Debate Commission Schedule. Monday's Gubernatorial Debate airs at 6:00 on KUED-7.
Utah Schools Aim to Decrease Chronic Absenteeism
Utah Schools Aim to Decrease Chronic Absenteeism
The Utah State Board of Education, the Utah Education Network in conjunction with WestEd created a website that highlights practices and schools that have made a difference in improving overall attendance rates.
Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Video Series
Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Video Series
Every month, the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium will explore thought provoking questions, amazing animals, weird science, investigations of our local environments, and more.

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Song of the Mountains

Virginia Remnants/Wise Old River/Hogslop String Band - SONG OF THE MOUNTAINS showcases the best talents in bluegrass and old-time country music from the heart of the region where it all began....

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Little Murders of Agatha Christie, The

Lampion befriends a young woman who suffers from terrifying visions of a bloody woman. Based on the Miss Marple novel. Directed by Eric Woreth, 2011.

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Native Shorts

Bird Runningwater and Ariel Tweto discuss two short films. "Gesture Down" - A Kumeyaay Indian man seeks to reconnect with his culture. "Tungijuq" -...

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