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Big 6 Resources

6. Evaluation

Judge your product (effectiveness)
Before turning in your assignment, compare it to your teacher's requirements.

  • Did you do and include everything that was required?
  • Did you give credit to all of your sources, and did you write it the way your teacher requested?
  • Is your work neat?
  • Is your work complete and does it include heading information (name, date, etc.)
  • Would you be proud for anyone to view this work?

Judge your information problem-solving process (efficiency)
Think about what you did to finish this assignment. You may have learned some skills to use anytime you need information to answer questions!

  • What skill(s) did you learn that you can use again?
  • How will you be able to use the skill(s) again?
  • What did you do well this time?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • Which information sources were most useful? You may be able to use them again when you need information.
  • What information sources did you need but the library did not have? Talk to your librarian about the possibility of getting them.

by: Barbara A. Jansen -


Evaluation Examples

  • Determine why I didn't get an A on my report.
  • Decide whether or not an assignment is finished.
  • Judge the product effectiveness:
    1. set criteria for judging anti-smoking posters.
    2. determine whether the information need as originally defined is met.
  • Judge the efficiency of the information problem-solving process:
    1. determine the degree to which note taking techniques are working
    2. state what you would do differently next time.

Online Resources

Graphic Organizer for Evaluation

  • Interaction Outline: Use to judge the problem-solving process and the interactions between team members.

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