Alive or Not? - Are You Among the Living or the Nonliving?

An environment is an area in which living and nonliving things are found. It has a specific temperature, moisture, and light.

Remember you learned all organisms are living. Air, wind, soil, water, are some things that are nonliving.

Each environment has interactions between living and nonliving things.

All organisms breathe air. Every breath you take is an interaction. You are an organism, a living thing; and the air that you breathe is a nonliving thing.

Animals need plants for food and shelter. Animals can transport plant seeds by their mouths, or by seeds getting stuck in their fur. Interaction is always occurring between living and nonliving things.

Living things depend on nonliving things.

Click on each word below that is a living thing.

Rocks Teacher Electricity Apple
Grass Hamburger Worm Butterfly
Sea weed Sugar Clock Air
Sun Cat Computer Hot Dog
Fire Lizard Desk Bed

RattlesnakeLook closely at the picture to the right. See if you can pick out the living and nonliving things in this picture. Check your answers with the chart below.

Living Non-living
Rattlesnake Sand
Cactus Rocks

Now you try it.

Name one living and one nonliving thing in each environment. Highlight the box next to each picture to see the answers.


Living: bird, grass

Nonliving: sign


Living: sheep, plants

Nonliving: rocks, sky


Living: dragonfly, grass

Nonliving: water


Living: seals

Nonliving: water, rock


Living: elk, grass, trees, bushes

Nonliving: rocks, water, dead trees