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FACS: Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Main Core Tie

FCS 6th Grade
Strand 3 Standard 2

Time Frame

4 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Character
  • Social & Civic Responsibility
  • Employability


Annette Ainscough
Sherry Marchant
Jill Petersen


Students will participate in activities that will introduce them to the career field of Early Childhood Education.



  • enasco
    Site to order the Clever Catch Ball

  • Children's books - You only need enough for half the class. They may not all be using them at the same time.
  • Discipline Game - attached file - Print and laminate and cut into playing cards.
  • Pictures of House with childcare hazards - attached file
  • First aid ball - Clever Catch - CPR/First Aid Product Number SB39919G $12.95
  • Crayons - old crayon part with dull ends are the best
  • 25 -- 50 piece jigsaw puzzles - any simple puzzle for children
  • Candyland - Write a color word on the game cards other then the color that is on the color shown. Example if the card had one red block write yellow over the red square.

Background for Teachers

The following activities we help students understand some of the concept of early childhood education.

Instructional Procedures

The activities are designed for the students to work independently or in small groups at their own rate. You could teach this as a whole class completing each activity together.

  1. Discuss with students early childhood education occupations using the career pathway powerpoint for Early Childhood Education.
  2. Discuss learning. Cognitive, Physical, and Social/Emotional development of children. You could use the attached power point in your discussion.
  3. Review activities students will participate in and explain each activity.


  • Qualities of a childcare worker: Students will identify 5 positive personality traits of a childcare worker. They will list the trait and how to would help in caring for children.
  • Stories: Students will practice reading a children's book.
  • Nutrition: Students will plan a nutritious snack/meal for a child.
  • Discipline: Students will play a game and discover positive care giving techniques.
  • Communication: Students will change poor communication to positive communication.
  • Safety: Students will identify safety hazards in a home.
  • First Aid game: Students will review/learn first aid techniques.
  • First Aid case study: Students will practice using first aid knowledge.
  • Small motor skills: Students will draw with opposite hand they normally use to feel what it is like to not have total control of small motor.
  • Cognitive skills: Students will attempt to put a puzzle together upside down, so they can't use the cognitive skills they have developed to match colors and lines.
  • Cognitive skills: Students will play Candyland with new rules.
  • Career crossword: Students will discover a variety of careers that deal with children.

Key for crossword puzzle:

1. Puts out fires Firefighter
4. Helps families with foster children Social worker
5. What you are when you care for someone's children babysitter
7. Who might come if your child is lost police
8. The little person you are caring for child
9. The person who will drive and safely take a child to and from school bus driver
10. Restaurant employee food server
13. A children's doctor Pediatrician
14. Help kids with sports Coach
15. Works on teeth Dentist
16. Who to call if the child eats something they should not have Poison control


2. The person that runs a daycare day care center director
3. Where children go to learn preschool
6. The doctor that delivers babies obstetrician
11. Teaches children school teacher
12. Might give a shot nurse
14. Helps children with emotional stresses (two words) child therapist
17. Story time librarian
18. Full time babysitter nanny
19. Moms and Dads parents
20. Cuts hair beautician
21. Helps across the street crossing guard
22. Creates summer fun in the mountains camp counselor

Assessment Plan

The worksheet can be used for the assessment for this unit.


Utah State Family and Consumer Science lesson plan

Created: 04/19/2010
Updated: 07/22/2021