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6 Wordpress Plugins That Do Not Work Without Connecting To The Internet Portal!


Mandy Russels


These days, as the market for online stores and WordPress sites is booming, you may encounter a variety of plugins or plugins that require an online payment gateway connection. So to connect more with the customer and create a better user experience for him, as well as provide services or products in a better way, you should use a variety of plugins. In fact, depending on your business situation, it is necessary to use some WordPress plugins on the site. Some plugins require a payment gateway to activate. In this issue of  to introduce a series of functional extensions discussed need to connect to the Internet port. 

 Why do you definitely need an online payment gateway?!

If you want to increase your sales on the Internet or create a better user experience for your customers to buy a product or service on your site, as mentioned above, depending on your business, you will need a variety of plugins that will help you. some of them start-up is required to receive online payment gateway apply . On the other hand, to activate and launch these plugins, you definitely need a payment gateway so that by connecting to the payment gateway, you can provide online payment conditions for the customer. Familiarity with how to connect payment gateways to plugins and site types will help you

Familiarity with WordPress plugins to connect to the payment gateway

If you are looking for the best payment gateway through which you can create easier sales and a better user experience for your site users, be happy. In this article, we will review the list of plugins that need to connect to the Internet portal to activate:

  1. Gravity form plugin

If you are looking to create conditional forms, you can easily do so with the Gravity Form Builder plugin. Finally, after creating the form and customizing it to make all kinds of product purchases, contact forms, payment forms, and… you can equip it with the payment portal with the help of the internet portal connection plugin. The capabilities of this form builder include the following:

  • Ability to add a variety of fields in the WordPress form
  • Choose the desired appearance for the form
  • Ability to create a multi-step form
  • Ability to create restrictions for forms
  • Ability to use a variety of calculator fields
  1. 2. Store builder plugin easy digital downloads

Easy Digital Download Store Builder Plugin is one of the most powerful plugins in the WordPress platform that you can use to build your online store. This way, after selecting your desired theme in WordPress, you can install and activate this store builder. Keep in mind that to have online sales, you must be equipped with a payment gateway. So, another plugin that needs a payment gateway is the Easy Digital Download plugin. 

  1. WooCommerce Store Builder Plugin 

What is WooCommerce? One of the most popular WordPress plugins for WooCommerce online stores. The easiest way to set up an online store on a WordPress platform is to choose WooCommerce as a popular and user-friendly store builder that will ultimately have a good user experience for your customers and user panel. To select this plugin, after installing WordPress, just download and install the WooCommerce Store Builder from the WordPress plugins repository. 

  1. Special membership plugin Restrict Content Pro WordPress 

If you are looking for a great and powerful plugin for special membership of site users, Restrict Content Pro WordPress plugin will be one of the best plugins for your site. The plugin allows you to define a special subscription for your users and only allow access to certain parts of the site. This plugin will require a payment gateway if your site is such that you want users to pay a subscription fee. 

  1. Contact form plugin contact form 7

Contact From 7 plugin is one of the best plugins that allows you to connect with users. Contact us plugin has the ability to create various forms, including contact us, order form or any other form you want to upload on the site. In this form you can simply enter the required fields such as email, phone, radio menu and. Among the features of this form are the following:

  • Convenient and easy creation of Contact 7 contact form in WordPress
  • Has a sample of ready-made forms
  • Display the contact form by inserting the short code of the contact form 7 in the desired tab
  1. Learn Press WordPress Plugin

Cyber ​​education is one of the most popular ways to earn money. If you are planning to hold courses and classes on your WordPress site, the AeroPress plugin will help you to easily manage the courses, classes and tests you take from users. If you want to earn money from your training courses, you need to connect this plugin to the payment gateway. Among the capabilities of this course, the following can be mentioned:

  • Ability to display courses online
  • Ability to build and manage online courses
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes
  • Ability to create advanced virtual tests
  • Compatible with Internet payment gateway
  • Possibility of certification 
  • Ability to send private messages to students
  • Ability to suggest related courses
  • Marketing and affiliate marketing capabilities for the course

By installing the payment gateway and connecting to the internet portal, you can receive the cost of your training courses and classes.

As we discussed in this article, depending on your internet business, you may need these payment gateways. Keep in mind that to activate them, you must connect the payment gateway to the plugins. If your site is WordPress and you use payment gateway, you can easily use plugins and plugins to connect to the payment gateway. Contact beauty experts for more tips.


Created: 10/06/2021
Updated: 10/06/2021