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Friendly Letter-Ready Set Write


The students will use Literature to develop and create friendly letters. The students will use keyboarding skills to produce their letters.


  • Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Moo by Doreen Cronin or video by Scholastic Books
  • Computer with basic word processing program
  • Examples of Friendly letters or notes can be found on the Cornerstones Web Site
  • letter template
  • overhead of letter template

Background for Teachers

The teacher will need to know that there are five parts to a friendly letter in this order: Heading-Contains the address of the writer as well as the date. This is to be written in the upper right-hand corner (followed by two spaces). Greeting-Also known as the salutation, it addresses the person whom a writer is speaking to. This is not indented and is located along the left-hand margin of the paper (followed by one space). Body-Contains the main message/content of the letter. The first word of the first paragraph is indented (tab). Paragraphs are used to show whenever a main idea changes (followed by two spaces). Closing-Just as it states, it finalizes the messages conveyed through the letter. Examples include: sincerely, love, best wishes, your friend, etc. This is written on the lower right-hand side of the letter. Signature-To be written by the author of the letter and in cursive directly below the closing.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to create and publish a friendly letter or note.

Instructional Procedures


  • Alejandra_letter.pdf
    North Sanpete District, Moroni Elementary, Annette Hansen 3rd; Alejandra typed a letter on the Writer.
  • Friendly_Letter.pdf
    Juab, Nephi Elementary, Mrs. Garrett, Mrs. Harris, Miss Malquist, Mrs. Winn 3rd; Friendly Letter.


  • Friendly Letter
    This is a basic letter template showing the five parts of a letter.

Print the seven notes used in the story. These can be found on the Cornerstones Web Site. Also print out the friendly letter template.

Cue Set: Either read the book Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type or show the video of the same name.

Follow up with a discussion that we communicate in lots of ways. We often write notes and letters to let people know what our feelings are and things that need to be done.

Use overhead of the friendly letter template to introduce the parts of a friendly letter.

Hand out to each student a copy of the friendly letter . Work in (pairs or groups) to fill out the parts of a friendly letter. Check back with overhead to make sure they have correctly labeled the parts of a friendly letter.

Have each student choose a farm animal ( it does not have to be an animal from the book). Have each student compose a short letter to Farmer Brown about a problem they would like him to solve.

The students should Pair Share their letter and help each other edit and revise.

The students will then give their letter to Farmer Brown (the teacher) who will then conference with each student about their letter. The letters will be returned to the student who will then publish their final draft on the word processor and then displayed in the room for all students to read.


A visit to the local post office would be a great way to extend the kids' learning. This would include addressing, stamping, and mailing their letter. A pre-arranged tour of the post office between the postmaster and teacher would be awesome for the kids as well.

Assessment Plan

The final draft of the student's letter to Farmer Brown.


Created: 07/30/2003
Updated: 01/20/2018