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Kane County

There are several evidences that the Anasazi were in this county back in the 1200’s. While much of this evidence is tools, a home named the Defiance House still is found in the area.  An early pioneer group, trying to find a shorter route from Iron County to San Juan County, created a site now know as "Hole in the Rock” by blasting rock to move people, cattle, and wagons from the top of a ridge way to the bottom of the Colorado River.  Both of these sites are found in the Glen Canyon.

Most of the county is covered by the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. When visiting Kane County you may recognize the area from the several movies that were filmed here, with some of the sets still standing. Today you find many visitors in Kanab, the county seat, probably on their way to Lake Powell, or the several other National Parks in the area.

This is a view under the Wiregrass Canyon Natural Bridge. The bridge was discovered by Paul Zanger in 1986. It is one of the most unique day hikes in Kane County and the Lake Powell area.

Movie buffs may recognize this scene at Old Pahreah. These buildings were constructed for the movie "Sergeants Three" in 1963. This highly scenic section along the Paria River has served as a filming location since the 1940's.

"Front yard" of ruin with Lake Powell below

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