Sign Up Today: Civics and Character Education Conference
Utah educators are invited to participate in a June 26th conference that will give you the skills and tools to deliver civic learning outcomes for your students. Learn more...
April 22: Earth Day
Celebrate Earth Day with these educational web sites, classroom activities, television programs, videos, lesson plans and more ...
April 22: Vision of Virtue
Watch Art Connection on UEN-TV Sunday, April 22nd at 7pm to discover how a University of Utah professor is showcasing the complexities of faith on stage. 
A Focus on In-demand Careers
KUEN and UtahFutures are part of CPB's American Graduate: Getting to Work initiative that is helping to teach students about ‘middle-skill’ jobs.


On Story
Lady Bird: A Conversation with Greta Gerwig - In our season 8 premiere episode, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker and actress Greta Gerwig talks about her theatrical beginnings, what she learned...

MHz Worldview

Nestor Burma
An old flame resurfaces in Nestor’s life when she desperately asks for his help in finding a man who owes her money. It’s not long after...


The Price for Peace
A terrorist training camp is discovered in placid New Zealand. As we get to know the charismatic leader Tame Iti, accused of running the camp, the...