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New Podcast Episode - UEN Homeroom
As part of the UCET conference, Jared moderated a panel of Utah educators and leaders for a group of international education leaders.
UETN Resources for Home Connectivity
UETN is actively collaborating to extend services to education and healthcare in response to the Covid-19 novel coronavirus.
PDTV: Computer Science & AR/VR Tools
Michael travels up to North Logan to visit a computer science class at Green Canyon High School. Alison Ence, a computer science teacher, is learning with her students about the...


Discovery Road
Don't Let Them Be Forgotten - This episode of Discovery Road introduces viewers to the Blackham family as they unravel their own past in England. Leaving the cotton mill factories...


Mad Honey Hunters
Hunting hallucinogen honey with a Himalayan Tribe In the heart of Nepal, at the foot of an 8,000-metre-high mountain, a tribe of " honey hunters ",...

NHK World-Japan