Indigenous Peoples Day College Collaboration Event
Join UEN and universities across the state for Utah’s Indigenous People’s Day College Collaboration event on Monday, October 10, 2022. 
Humans of UETN: Matt Winters
Meet Matt Winters, a Senior Technical Trainer making an amazing impact at UETN and with educators statewide! Watch to learn more about how his previous experience in education inspires his work at UETN and get a glimpse into some of his unique hobbies...
eMedia Update: PreMedia
In this eMedia update, host Katie Blunt shows you how to navigate preMedia, Utah’s early learning media library. 
Nearpod News: Navigating the New Teacher Dashboard
Kicking off the new season of UEN Nearpod News, instructor Jami Gardner walks us through how to navigate the new Nearpod teacher dashboard.


Roger B. Chaffee - Aviator Ad Astra
Roger B. Chaffee, the Apollo astronaut you've never met. Acclaimed by fellow NASA astro-nauts, Roger was a brilliant young man whose future was...


Replay ISS Expedition 67 Education Event W/Sam Houston
Q & A with astronauts aboard the International Space Station


Ict Newscast
Indian Country Today delivers daily news and analysis about Native America and global Indigenous communities. Stories are reported from bureaus in...

NHK World-Japan

Medical Frontiers
Prevention to cure! The groundbreaking world of Japanese medical technology and healthcare. From food and exercise to the latest treatments.