Where's the Water?

The Thirst Quencher!
It is another hot summer afternoon. The temperature is near 100°F. You walk by a lemonade stand and you think "Wow! that is just what I need!" You stop at the stand to buy a cold drink. You have a quarter just enough for a glass of the thirst quencher. You give your money to the kids on the sidewalk behind the stand. Sweat drips off your forehead as you anxiously await the cool liquid. As the drink is poured, the ice cubes tinkle against the pitcher. You cross your fingers hoping you will be lucky enough to get an ice cube in your glass along with the delicious drink. They hand you a glass and you gulp it down without pausing. You let out your breath and smack your lips. "Boy, that was good!"

Why was the lemonade you drank in the above story so refreshing?  The answer is because it is made mostly of water. When you think about it, the main ingredient of Kool-aid®, soda, punch and most every other drink is water.  Water is good, and water is old, very old. In fact water is BILLIONS of years old. And the story of the water cycle explains how the water of the lemonade you just drank, has been around and around and around.

DeweyOn The Move
Water on this planet is always on the move. It travels from one place to another in an ever continuing circle. Scientists call this the water cycle. Take, for example, the water drop dude to the right. Meet Dewey He might look like just a young drip to you, but he is actually quite old. In fact he has been around (and around) for quite some time. On the following pages you will follow the adventures of Dewey as he shows you what the water cycle is all about.