Changes in Matter - I'm Freezing

You're the scientist!

Matter cannot be created nor destroyed but it can certainly be changed.

Scientists say this is the law ... does it really work when things are frozen? Try the following experiment to see!


What happens to the weight of matter when it freezes?


Write down your answer.


  • Beaker or similar container
  • Water
  • Scale
  • Ice cube tray
  • Access to a freezer


  1. Use the scale to weigh the container.
  2. Measure twenty grams of water.
  3. Place the water in an ice cube tray.
  4. Subtract the weight of the container from the total weight (with the water in the container.)
  5. Write down the weight of the water_______________.
  6. Place the ice cube tray into the freezer.
  7. Wait for the water to freeze.
  8. Once frozen, remove the ice from tray.
  9. Weigh the frozen ice cubes __________________.


Record your measurements.


Was your hypothesis correct? Write down your answer.

What happened to the weight of the water when it changed to ice??

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