Daggett County

Daggett County Facts:

County Website: Daggett County
Area: 721 square miles
: 980 (2018)
County Seat:
Origin of County Name: after Ellsworth Daggett who helped develop irrigation for the county
Cities/Towns: Dutch John, Manila
Economy: electric power generating, lumbering, livestock
Points of Interest: Ashley National Forest,  Flaming Gorge Recreational Area, John Jarvie Historic Ranch


About Daggett County:

Daggett County is found in the Northeast corner of Utah and is part of the Uinta mountains, the only major mountain range that runs east and west.   It was once thought that there were diamonds in the Uintahs, attracting many wealthy landowners.   It wasn't until the 1890's, when Ellsworth Daggett and others developed irrigation in the area, that people were able to live and farm here.   With around 900 people in 2001 living here, the area still is not well populated and the land is still mostly used for raising livestock and for farming. Manila is the county seat, yet still a very small rural town.

Some of Daggett County's landmarks include Flaming Gorge Reservoir which provides boating, fishing, camping, and power production at the Flaming Gorge Dam. One can even take a free tour of the dam and feed eager fish at the bottom of it. The town of Dutch John was built to house workers for the dam. The Red Canyon Overlook gives the visitor a spectacular view of the reservoir. Sheep Creek Canyon on the west side of the reservoir, is another memorable place that has tall rock formations and many fish. 



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